The Pitch

A post about nothing

I’m about halfway through a few posts and I’m having a hard time finishing any of them. So I’m writing this vomit of thoughts so I have something to post. The mostly empty archive page saddens me (almost as much as the nearly empty projects page).

About three times per day I start thinking about what I need to do to be more productive, and then I spend 20 minutes reading about how to use vim/tmux/zsh/mybrain better, and then I think “I just need to make stuff.” Then I pause and think “I just wanna live my life, man.” It’s my daily 5 stages of grief. Somewhere in there I also watch a Shia LeBeouf video.

Earlier this month I spent a week in Washington, DC at a conference for work. I got a chance to see the touristy stuff on Tuesday, so for the weekend I walked around and saw neighborhoods and ate food. It was my first time in DC and I really, really liked it, especially once I got out of downtown. The Georgetown and Dupont Circle neighborhoods were particularly cool.

We’ve had a mouse in our office at work for awhile, and the customer support team area has recently become a hub for shared snacks. This pleases the mouse. My coworker jbeane88 kajiggered together a live trap, and - after a couple days of refinements - managed to catch the mouse. He released it at a nearby park and had the good sense to catch the high octane release on video:

Liveleak, here we come.

Last night I went to the 331 Club to see a couple bands, and a very intoxicated woman from the army hit on me for 20 minutes and pinched my butt. It was a nice confidence boost.

Last month I spent a few days in lovely Winona, MN with my friend Corey, and we found a keyboard waiting to be picked up with the trash, so we took it. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work. But I’m going to spend some minutes/dollars to see if it can be salvaged.

My intention is to start recording some noises and putting them on here, but I’m bummed with everything I’ve recorded so far. Still trying though. I’ve also been playing with Gibber lately, so maybe I can use that for stuff.

I’m having a hard time deciding whether the right nav on this site should be fixed. It feels abnoxious. (HEY, DID YOU FORGET WHO I AM WHILE YOU WERE READING?) I think I might start a research arm of this site called Pepé Le Pew Research Center to figure out these sorts of issues. Watch out Google X.

Pepé Le Pew
"I am ze locksmith of love, no?"