Less Trash

I think this year I’m going to try to transition to being entirely zero waste. For a while I’ve been following a blog run by a woman who lives in New York City about trying to live a zero waste lifestyle, and she makes it seem not-crushingly-difficult.

Since I moved to my current apartment last year, I’ve started composting thanks to an organics drop-off site run by the MacGrove community council, that’s helpfully only a couple blocks from me. Next week St. Paul will start using the wheeled recycling bins that were dropped off last month – and will start accepting a few new materials – which will be nice (even if I still have to haul my building’s recycling to the curb every week *grumble* *grumble*).

I’ve half-assedly moved in this direction, but I figure I might as well make an attempt at doing the full thing. I think I’ll probably mostly fail, but even if I can produce a little less trash, that’s okay.